Pinched Nerve

"I came to Dr. Myers with a throbbing, sharp pain that shot up into the back of my skull on the left side. The pain was so severe, I couldn't do anything. Dr. Myers adjusted my upper neck and all of the pain was gone the very next day."

Bob K., Simpsonville


"I used to have severe migraine headaches. The headaches were so severe, that light and sound was unbearable. After only one month of care, my life long headache problem was no longer an issue."

Amy J. , Woodruff

"I suffered from very severe migraines four to five times a week since I was 12. The  headaches would be so bad that I had nausea and could not stand bright lights. My brother told me that I should visit his chiropractor because he could help. He was right. Not only did he help my migraines, but I now feel better over all. Those terrible migraines are just a memory now."

Anne, Moore

Arm Pain

"I injured my neck after I was knocked unconscious. Afterwards, I had arm pain and progressive hearing loss. The top two bones in my neck were misaligned in opposite directions. Hours following  my first and only correction, my shoulder pain was gone and my hearing returned to normal."

Carin, Campobello

"Tammy was suffering from numbness in her left shoulder, left arm, and left hand. The pain felt like pins and needles with a burning sensation. The pain and numbness was making it difficult for her to type at work. The top two bones of her neck were misaligned in opposite directions which caused compression to her spinal cord. After two weeks of care, she became symptom free."

Tammy, Sprtanburg


"I had leg pain and low back pain that was so severe that I could not even walk. My neurologist found a herniated disc in my lower back and said that the only way to get better was to have surgery. Three days before my surgery was to happen, a friend took me to see Dr. Myers. Dr. Myers claimed that the problem was not in my lower back, but in my neck. He said it caused my spine to lean to one side  that put uneven pressure on his discs which caused them to bulge. I thought he was crazy, but after my first adjustment, I felt a lot of relief, so I decided to cancel my surgery and continue care. After 5 weeks of care, my pain was completely gone. Dr. Myers saved me from surgery."

Paul B., Duncan

"I began to have pain in my left hip, but I ignored it. Soon, the pain started to travel down my left leg, but I still ignored it. Two weeks later I became concerned when pain was shooting down both legs and both arms. After the first adjustment, something changed, I felt some relief. Three weeks after only one correction, I felt normal again."

John J., Reidville


"Eight years ago, I began having Pain that traveled down both of my legs, both hips, daily migraine headaches, numbness and tingling in both arms and hands, numbness in my face, shoulder blade pain, and pain in both of my feet. For the last eight years I was put on six different medications at once to try to manage the pain. I could not sleep at all because the pain was so bad. My medical doctors final diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I told Dr. Myers that I was tired of living with pain and just wanted to die. I had little money because I spent it all on medications to just cope, but I was desperate. After my first adjustment, my entire life changed as I knew it. A warming sensation covered my entire body for the next 10 minutes. All of her health complaints vanished in minutes. It was a miracle! Eight years of pain and suffering and strong medications were over. Praise God!"

Tracey B., Moore

Low Back Pain

"Richard had pain in his low back located on the left side near his belt line. The pain would keep him from sleeping at night. It also made it difficult for him to perform his duties at work. A thorough examination revealed that his upper cervical spine was misaligned in two places. This caused his entire spine to lean to one side which resulted in uneven wear and tear in his lower back. After only two weeks of care, Rick was sleeping well and able to perform all his duties at work. His low back pain was completely gone thanks to specific upper cervical care."

Richard, Roebuck


  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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