"I had leg pain and low back pain that was so severe that I could not even walk. My neurologist found a herniated disc in my lower back and said that the only way to get better was to have surgery. Three days before my surgery was to happen, a friend took me to see Dr. Myers. Dr. Myers claimed that the problem was not in my lower back, but in my neck. He said it caused my spine to lean to one side  that put uneven pressure on his discs which caused them to bulge. I thought he was crazy, but after my first adjustment, I felt a lot of relief, so I decided to cancel my surgery and continue care. After 5 weeks of care, my pain was completely gone. Dr. Myers saved me from surgery."

Paul B., Duncan

 "I used to have very severe low back pain that traveled down both of my legs. My medical doctor told me to never go to a chiropractor. I was on three different medications that didn’t really help the pain, but made me feel like a zombie all the time. After a consult with Dr. Myers, I decided to give him a try. After only one adjustment in my neck, my pain was gone. I now recommend all my friends to Dr. Myers because he know his stuff."

Katey B.

"Bekkah developed a herniated disc in her low back at the age of 27 which cause shooting , knife-like pain down her leg. She could not recall doing anything to cause the herniation. Surgery seemed to be the best option. After closely examining her case, an upper cervical misalignment seemed to be the cause of her herniated disc. Special upper cervical x-rays revealed that the top two bones in her neck were misaligned in opposite directions. Because of these misalignments, her spine was leaning to one side causing her disc to bulge in her low back. After only one correction of her upper cervical spine, she no longer had pain in her leg."

Bekkah, Virginia

“Steve came into our office complaining of pain that shot into his left hip and down his leg. The pain felt like a sharp knife stabbing him. He also had numbness and tingling in the affected leg. The pain had been present for about two months. For those two months, every day was spent in misery. The pain was unbearable. When Steve walked, he had a severe limp because of the leg pain. He was a prime candidate for spinal surgery because he had a herniated disc. X-rays revealed that the top two bones in his neck were misaligned in opposite directions. The very top bone in his neck was misaligned so bad, that it was pressed up against his skull. He also had a badly rotated sacrum. After his first adjustment, the pain levels began to decrease. After six weeks of care, his pain levels had been reduced by more than half. After ten weeks of care, his hip and leg pain had resolved completely and has not returned since. We were able to save Steve from having spinal surgery because of the precise analysis and precise correction of his spine.”

Steven, Spartanburg

"I began to have pain in my left hip, but I ignored it. Soon, the pain started to travel down my left leg, but I still ignored it. Two weeks later I became concerned when pain was shooting down both legs and both arms. After the first adjustment, something changed, I felt some relief. Three weeks after only one correction, I felt normal again."

John J., Reidville

           "When I was 15 years old I started having low back pain that shot into my leg. I was scared. Some of my friends were saying that I had a herniated disc or something. It hurt so bad that it kept me from playing soccer.  Dr. Myers calmed my fears and assured me that he could help. I was so relieved that it could be fixed. After only two weeks of care, I became completely pain free and could get back to playing the game I love."

Jesse, Roebuck

            "I came to Dr. Myers with low back and leg pain. He found that the problem was in my neck and lower back. I have had this problem for years, and I thought it would never get better. After only 2 weeks, I was back on my feet with no pain at all. I really appreciated how Dr. Myers explains everything so well. It gave me comfort to understand what he was doing to help me."

Barbara, Moore

            "Adam was having low back pain and pain traveling into his right leg. He was visiting another chiropractor but was receiving little relief. After analyzing his spine, I located two upper cervical misalignments that were probably overlooked. After two weeks of care, his symptoms have almost completely resolved."

Adam, Roebuck

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