"Eight years ago, I began having Pain that traveled down both of my legs, both hips, daily migraine headaches, numbness and tingling in both arms and hands, numbness in my face, shoulder blade pain, and pain in both of my feet. For the last eight years I was put on six different medications at once to try to manage the pain. I could not sleep at all because the pain was so bad. My medical doctors final diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I told Dr. Myers that I was tired of living with pain and just wanted to die. I had little money because I spent it all on medications to just cope, but I was desperate. After my first adjustment, my entire life changed as I knew it. A warming sensation covered my entire body for the next 10 minutes. All of her health complaints vanished in minutes. It was a miracle! Eight years of pain and suffering and strong medications were over. Praise God!"

Tracey B., Moore

 "I came into Myers Family Chiropractic with pain in my left hip. When Dr. Myers discovered that I also had fibromyalgia, he became very concerned. I did not realize that he could help fibro. I had constant numbness and weakness in my right arm, migraine headaches every day, and pain all over my body. I am only 34 years old, and had been suffering for 8 years. I was on 7 different medications trying to cope with the pain. Dr. Myers discovered compression to my brainstem in my upper neck. After receiving an adjustment, my pain was gone. To this day, I still am not taking any meds. Dr. Myers gave me my life back."

Kellie, Anderson

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