Low Back pain

"Richard had pain in his low back located on the left side near his belt line. The pain would keep him from sleeping at night. It also made it difficult for him to perform his duties at work. A thorough examination revealed that his upper cervical spine was misaligned in two places. This caused his entire spine to lean to one side which resulted in uneven wear and tear in his lower back. After only two weeks of care, Rick was sleeping well and able to perform all his duties at work. His low back pain was completely gone thanks to specific upper cervical care."

Richard, Roebuck

"Josh was involved in a car accident. Following that accident, Josh was having severe low back pain. His medical doctor diagnosed him with muscle spasms and gave him muscle relaxers. For nine months, Josh lived in constant pain. He then decided to visit me at my office. Even though the pain was located in his low back, the source of the problem was somewhere else. His neck was misaligned causing his spine to lean to one side which resulted in muscle spasms. One specific upper cervical adjustment was given. The next day, his back pain stopped and has not returned since. This is what upper cervical care can accomplish in the lives of individuals."

Josh, Spartanburg

 "I was in a car accident thirteen years ago that caused lower back and hip pain. Dr. Myers discovered an old fracture in my lower back. Dr. Myers gently adjusted my hip and my neck on my first visit. Five days later, I had my first pain free day for as long as I could remember."

Chrystal, Greenville

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