"I used to have severe migraine headaches. The headaches were so severe, that light and sound was unbearable. After only one month of care, my life long headache problem was no longer an issue."


Amy J. , Woodruff



"I suffered from very severe migraines four to five times a week since I was 12. The  headaches would be so bad that I had nausea and could not stand bright lights. My brother told me that I should visit his chiropractor because he could help. He was right. Not only did he help my migraines, but I now feel better over all. Those terrible migraines are just a memory now."


Anne, Moore




"Jimmy was only eleven years old when he came into our office. His parents were concerned because Jimmy suffered from migraine headaches about five times a week. The headaches were so bad that Jimmy had to miss school and could not play with his friends like other children his age. When he had a migraine, he was almost completely debilitated. He had been to medical doctors and neurologists, but no one had an answer. Because of his severe case, x-rays were taken of his cervical spine. The top two bones in his neck were severely rotated to the left. Following his first adjustment, the frequency and severity of Jimmy's headaches reduced dramatically. After only one month of care, Jimmy had gone a full week without experiencing a headache. Today, Jimmy has a headache about once a month, and that one headache is very mild and tolerable. Jimmy can now play with his friends like a normal healthy boy all thanks to specific upper cervical care."


Jimmy, Spartanburg

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