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Chiropractic Care for Fibromyalgia

I often treat many patients in our Spartanburg office who suffer with fibromyalgia. In this short article, I will attempt to explain what fibromyalgia is and how we may be able to help.

The very word “fibromyalgia” literally means pain in the muscle fibers. The name itself is pretty descriptive of the symptoms because, those suffering from fibromyalgia often have pain all over their body, are very fatigued, have difficulty sleeping, and may even suffer from depression. Fibromyalgia also affects women ten times more often than men.

The most common consensus in the medical field is that no one knows what causes fibromyalgia, and that there is no cure. However, new research is showing that fibromyalgia may be caused by overactive nerves. A common cause for overactive nerves is a called a subluxation complex. A subluxation complex is a misalignment of a vertebrae or a group of vertebrae in the spine that results in poor communication within the nervous system. Subluxation complexes are best treated with chiropractic adjustments.

When someone afflicted with fibromyalgia enters my office, we do a thorough exam which may include x-rays. Once we find the vertebral subluxation complex, we will come up with the plan that is tailored to your specific needs so that we can get you the relief that you are seeking. The initial treatment plan will last approximately eight weeks. My patients typically respond well to the care given and are often very satisfied with the results.

If you or someone you know in Spartanburg has fibromyalgia, please allow us to give you a free consultation. It may be something that we can help you with, and get you back to the health that you always wanted.

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