• Dr. Michael Myers

Chiropractic Increases Sports Performance

The general consensus about chiropractic care is that it is great for things like headaches, neck pain, and back pain. Well guess what! Newly released research is showing that chiropractic is not just for pain any longer. This cutting edge research is showing that chiropractic care actually improves brain function.

This is how it works. Everyone knows that the brain communicates to the body through the spinal cord and the nervous system. That is why people get pain and headaches from a misaligned bone in the spine. That misaligned bone puts pressure on the nerves and affects their function. But did you know that the body also sends information back to the brain via a feedback loop? There are tiny receptors in the muscles along the spine called muscle spindle fibers. They detect things like the body's location in space, movement, and aid in coordination. Secondly, these fibers also activate the frontal cortex of the brain which increases brain activity.

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