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Is it more than a "pain in the neck"?

Many people in Spartanburg and Greenville refuse to see a chiropractor unless they are having severe neck pain. By the time pain is felt, however, much damage has already been done. The neck is made up of seven bones that move freely. These bones support the head and protect the delicate spinal cord inside. The spinal cord is the lifeline of communication from the brain to the body. Over 93% of the nerves in the spine are used to control the body and receive information back to the brain. Only 7% of the nerves interpret pain. When a misalignment occurs to one of the neck bones, nerves are compressed. When nerves are compressed, 93% of the time, function in the body is compromised. The other 7% of the time, we feel pain. My goal is to help people in Spartanburg and Greenville understand that neck pain is only 7% of the problem. I want to make sure that the other 93% of your nerves are doing their job effectively. The next time you feel neck pain, remember, more is going on than you can feel.

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