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Feeling a little off balance?

Short leg

I have seen many, many patients over the years who have one leg shorter than another. Having one leg shorter than another leads to structural imbalances in the body that can result in osteoarthritis, knee replacements, hip replacements, etc. Many people think that they have to wear inserts in their shoes or live with the short leg for the rest of their life. That may not necessarily be true. Many times, a short leg is due to a balancing reflex that occurs in the body that can be easily corrected with a very specific chiropractic adjustment. When particular vertebrae in the spine get “stuck” out of place, the body must compensate for that misalignment by leaning, tilting shoulders, and tilting the pelvis. That compensation makes it appear like you have a short leg. By correcting the source of the problem, we can easily reverse the reflex and restore the legs to equal length.

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