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The number one reason people come to Myers Family Chiropractic is for headaches/migraines. People come from all over Spartanburg and Greenville. Many people only equate chiropractors with low back pain, but headaches and migraines also respond extremely well to chiropractic care. When a vertebrae in the upper neck moves out of place, it will put pressure on the spinal cord and brain stem. When these delicate nerves are pressed on, they become irritated, resulting in a headache. Headache frequency can vary from once a day to monthly. The best way to correct these headaches properly, is to do a thorough exam and make a precise adjustment to the upper neck restoring those bones back to their original position. The typical location of the pain is at the back of the head, temples, and behind the eyes. If you are having this type of pain, we may be able to help you.

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