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Autism spectrum disorder and upper cervical care

Many times, children with autism and learning disabilities get diagnosed with a disorder because they do not have social and learning skills that match the majority of their peers. A viable treatment may come from a not so obvious place.

During the birth process, a baby may receive trauma to the weakest spot in their body: their upper neck. The potential for trauma to occur increases with a prolonged labor, the use of extraction techniques, or with cesarean sections. This trauma can cause a misalignment of the atlas vertebrae, the very top bone in the neck. The brain stem and spinal cord exit the skull through a small opening. If the atlas is moved slightly, that opening narrows, and pressure is placed on the spinal cord. Problems will arise if the opening narrows by as much as one millimeter.

When pressure is placed on the brain stem and spinal cord, muscles will become tight on the affected side. This pressure on the spinal cord will act as a short circuit in the brain, which can cause improper neurological function (such as autism and learning disabilities.) The only way to improve this neurological function is to correctly align the atlas vertebrae back to its proper place.

In order to do this, special x-rays are taken of the upper neck with very precise measurements. Remember, a misalignment of only a small amount can lead to problems, so much care must be given in order to analyze the vertebrae correctly. Once the proper assessment has been completed, a gentle correction is given to the vertebrae using a gentle push in a very precise direction without twisting or jerking of the spine.

According to an article in the Journal of Manual Medicine (June (No. 6) 1992, pp151-156), children with upper cervical misalignments often exhibit simple symptoms like fussiness, waking up crying, and loss of appetite as babies. When older, they may have difficulty concentrating, experience restlessness, have headaches, and sleep disorders. The article goes on to say that significant improvements were seen in the child's symptoms and behavior after specific upper cervical care.

If you or someone you know has a child that has autism or learning disabilities, I may be able to help. I have helped many people with these issues in my office, and I would love to be able to offer that blessing to you. Just schedule a free analysis consultation. I may find a way to help and it may just change your child's life forever.

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