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Is Chiropractic Safe?

People who are not familiar with chiropractic care often hear rumors and horror stories about someone's bad chiropractic experience. While there may have been some bad experiences, there are several reasons why chiropractic is one of the safest forms of healthcare available. Likewise, Myers Family Chiropractic strives to implement the safest and most specific form of chiropractic known to ensure the safety and health of its patients.

1. Doctor's of Chiropractic are Rigorously Trained. In the distant past, one could get a chiropractic degree in about 18 months with little or no education background. Because chiropractor's wanted to hold themselves to a higher standard, more stringent requirements were set. Before entering chiropractic school, prospective students must have at least 90 credit hours in the sciences. Chiropractic school is in session year round for 3.5 years. Students must also do an internship for 18 months. There are currently 5 National board exams and a state exam. After graduation and licencing, chiropractors must take 18 hours of Continuing Education. On top of all these requirements, chiropractors are governed by their State Board of Examiners. Failure to comply with the standards set by the board, may result in suspension of the chiropractor's license.

2. Certain Techniques are Very Safe There are many ways to move a vertebrae. The techniques that are always brought into question are the High Velocity Rotational adjustments. With this technique, chiropractors will take the spine, rotate it, and give it a quick jerk. These adjustments give loud "popping sounds" and tend to move more than one bone at a time. In my opinion, there are safer and more precise ways to correct spinal misalignments. One such way would be a low force adjustment with no rotation. This type of adjustment is barely felt by the patient because the gentle force is specifically applied to one bone. This allows for the correction of only one vertebrae rather than moving multiple bones at a time.

3. Compare Malpractice Insurance Cost Before you can understand how malpractice insurance shows the safety of chiropractic, you must first have a basic understanding of how insurance works. Insurance companies set costs based on the amount of risk. The higher the risk the higher the cost. The lower the risk the lower the cost. So, with that in mind, the average cost for a Medical Doctor's yearly malpractice insurance is around $10,000. For comparison, the average yearly cost of Chiropractic malpractice insurance is $1,500. Based on malpractice premiums alone, one can see that chiropractic is very safe. Insurance companies would not allow low premiums if chiropractic care was inherently dangerous. They would lose money, and we all know that insurance companies are not in business to lose money.

Hopefully this article helped you understand how safe chiropractic really is. If done properly by a liscenced chiropractor, it is very safe. Not only is it safe, but very effective in helping the body function properly, but that is another topic for later.

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