• Dr. Michael Myers

Dont Let Your Untrained Friend Adjust You

Have you ever heard someone say, "Hey, could you pop my back." Worse yet, have you ever said it? Even worse: have you done it? If you have, stop it!

There is much more to a chiropractic adjustment than just "popping" a joint. Chiropractors are trained hundreds of hours on how to properly analyze and correct a misaligned bone. Just the sheer understanding of the anatomy, much less the art of aligning a bone, take an extraordinary amount of time and practice. Chiropractic is only safe when done by a properly trained professional.

Here is some proof. In 2001 a man suffered severe spinal cord damage and paralysis because he received neck manipulation from a barber.

So please, next time your or someone else wants to "pop" their spine, refer them to their local chiropractor. It may save their life.


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