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Fear! That's what I felt in the Emergency room. I wasn't quite sure what was wrong, but I was sure it wouldn't be good.

Two days previous, I was painting a second story apartment. As I left the apartment, something "popped" in my hip that sent pain down my leg. I could barely walk! I did what every good employee should: I talked to my supervisor. After dealing with Human Resources, I was referred to the local hospital to be examined.

I ultimately ended up in an Orthopedic Surgeon's office. This was not just any surgeon. He was the best of the best. Let me be clear about what I mean by the word “best.” This surgeon was highly respected among doctors, with technical skills that could impress the toughest critics. A legend in his specialty, he had served as the director of his department for over a decade and been chosen as a “top doctor” in multiple reputable publications. Patients filled his office with all sorts of complicated cases. The President himself would have had no problems seeing this doctor.

I waited for what seemed to be hours, then bursting into the quiet room came the legendary doctor. He was an older man with a very stern look about him. He was very short and to the point with everything that he said. His exam lasted about one minute, then he walked out of the room and did not return for 30 minutes. He handed me a prescription for steroids and pain relievers and said, "Your examination tests were inconclusive even though you are presenting severe symptoms. Follow this prescription and come back in 2 weeks for a re-evaluation." Even then, I wasn't a fan of taking medications so I said that since it wasn't serious, could I just rest and not fill the prescription. The doctor responded by slamming his fist on his desk and accusingly said, "If you are not going to follow my instructions, how do you expect me to help you?" He then left the room without another word said. Sadly, I was not impressed by this legendary doctor, nor did I see him again.

Since my experience with that doctor, I have vowed to always treat my patients as if they were family. I strive to give my patients my undivided attention. In doing so, I answer the phone personally, there are short waiting periods, and no staff to deal with. I will give my patients my time and make my myself available for them when they need me for as long as I can physically do so. Patients come to me in need. I need to treat them with the care that they deserve.

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