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Don't quit! It takes time to get into shape and lose weight. Stick with it.

January is a time when people start a "New Years Resolution." Inevitably, the most common resolution is to lose weight. After a few weeks of trying, people usually give up. Why? I believe the reason is that most people do not understand how weight loss and weight gain works. Here are a few tips on how to shed those holiday pounds.

1. 1 lb of fat = 3500 calories

In order to gain 1lb of fat, a person must consume 3500 calories above what his body needs to function. In order to lose weight, one must consume fewer calories than needed or burn stored calories through exercise.

2. Use a free online calorie counter such as my fitness pal

These programs can be downloaded to your electronic device and are very easy to use. Just follow the directions by plugging in your height, weight, age, and goals. Then just keep track of your food consumption and daily exercise. The program will tell you if you are staying within your goals.

3. Exercise 4x a week or more.

Not only will exercise help burn those unwanted calories, but it will also have other health benefits such as: boosting self confidence, reducing stress, reduce risk of heart disease, reduce risk of diabetes, reduce risk of cancer, strengthen muscles, increase bone density, and increase length of life.

4. Dont Quit

People are always very enthusiastic to start a new program, but it gets boring after a few weeks. Don't quit. It takes time to get into shape and lose weight. Stick with it. The rewards are worth it.

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