When the nerves to a particular part of the body become compressed by a spinal misalignment, dysfunction and disease will occur to that area. Likewise, if a particular condition is being caused by a compressed nerve, the condition will improve when the nerve is restored to normal function. Our goal is to locate and correct spinal misalignments so your body can function as it was designed. Here is a list of common conditions that we have helped with specific chiropractic care:




"Organs supplied by compressed nerves exhibit pathological changes."


                     Henry Windsor, MD

Disc conditions




Arm pain


Multiple Sclerosis




Tingling in arms or legs


Pinched Nerve




Carpal Tunnel Syndrome




Migraine Headache

Tension Headache




Chronic pain



Chronic Ear Infections

Neck pain

Mid back pain

Shoulder pain


Auto Accidents


Low back pain


Muscle spasms




Jaw pain


Trigeminal Neuralgia


TMJ disorders


Tennis elbow


Postural correction


Wellness Care


Short leg


Whiplash injuries


Sports related injuries

Conditions That We Have Helped...

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