Arm Pain

"I injured my neck after I was knocked unconscious. Afterwards, I had arm pain and progressive hearing loss. The top two bones in my neck were misaligned in opposite directions. Hours following  my first and only correction, my shoulder pain was gone and my hearing returned to normal."


Carin, Campobello




"Tammy was suffering from numbness in her left shoulder, left arm, and left hand. The pain felt like pins and needles with a burning sensation. The pain and numbness was making it difficult for her to type at work. The top two bones of her neck were misaligned in opposite directions which caused compression to her spinal cord. After two weeks of care, she became symptom free."


Tammy, Sprtanburg

"Tom has rheumatoid arthritis in his hands and right shoulder. He also had pain shooting down both arms with no known origin. Precise upper cervical x-rays revealed two vertebrae misaligned in opposite directions at the top of his neck. These misalignments were compressing the nerves in his arm. After three months of care, his complaint of arm pain has resolved."


Tom, Spartanburg

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